State: Utah
City: Big Water
Zip code: 84741
Type: Animals

Thoroughbred - Lady - Medium - Adult - Female - Horse
Talk about a close call! Lady came from the very last slaughterhouse in the United States, just before it shut down. She literally stood in line for her turn when the chute doors closed in front of her. Thank goodness she's still alive! Lady is a dark-bay Thoroughbred who arrived at Best Friends with an old injury to her front hoof. She can't be ridden, but Lady is a great pasture pal and very friendly and sociable toward people. She'll stand for hours to be groomed! She has plenty of energy, though, when it's time to play with her pasture buddies. Lady is gorgeous to watch as she races with her pasture mates. A savvy, Level-2 Parelli student would do well with Lady. She is primarily a Right-brain Introvert. Potential adopters who are proficient in other natural-horsemanship disciplines are also encouraged to apply for adoption by demonstrating their horse-handling skills. She can be a little unconfident at times, but loves the attention of a good leader. Lady seeks a happy ending to her story; from the slaughterhouse to a wonderful, real home with a person who will care for her. What a perfect ending that will be!
Breed: Thoroughbred
Size: Medium
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Pet has been spayed/neutered
Best Friends Animal Society | Kanab, UT | 435-644-
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