State: Utah
City: Big Water
Zip code: 84741
Type: Animals

Missouri Foxtrotter - Curly Sue - Medium - Adult - Female
Curly Sue is such a pleaser! She's happiest when people are around to flatter her for her sweet disposition and unique look. She's just an easy-going gal who likes to hang out with anyone who stops by her neigh-borhood. Curly Sue's curly coat is due to a recessive gene that expressed instead of the dominant gene. The recessive gene may cause her to be more susceptible to mouth ulcers and certain skin diseases. However, she's been healthy as a horse at Best Friends and is a very easy keeper. In addition, that sweet temperament certainly helps to offset her manageable medical needs. It's really hard not to love Curly Sue! This curly little mare is a very willing student. She has a good, solid mind and knows the Level-2 Parelli ground games. She was also trained under saddle using Parelli Natural Horsemanship methods, but since then, is not considered rideable. Shortly after her under-saddle training started, she began stumbling and falling both while being ridden and while playing in her pasture. Building muscle tone may help this condition.Curly Sue does very well with the Level-2 Online Savvy games.Curly Sue is primarily a Left-brain Introvert. Please click on the following link to find out more about Horsenality traits.Curly Sue is truly one of the sweetest mares around. All she needs is a loving, forever home with a person who has achieved a Level-2 Parelli standing.
Breed: Missouri Foxtrotter
Size: Medium
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Pet has been spayed/neutered
Best Friends Animal Society | Kanab, UT | 435-644-
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