State: Utah
City: Big Water
Zip code: 84741
Type: Animals

Chicken - Saruman - Medium - Adult - Male - Bird
It's just what you've been looking for (whether you knew it or not!): A pet rooster! They really are adorable. And these poor fellows were abandoned in a crate in the freezing cold - smooshed in so tightly that you couldn't tell there were roosters inside. And they're the nicest roosters you've ever met! What a horrible thing to do to them. These fellows were probably born in early . Roosters are fairly low-maintenance pets, and we'll be happy to teach you all you need to know to keep one of these beauties healthy and happy. They make a gorgeous rooster sound, of course. And these roosters are very friendly and nice. They cheerfully follow you around! It would be easy to fall in love with one of these fellows. Of course, like many roosters, they don't like other roosters, so you'll need to pick just one. Will you go for the piercing gaze of Saruman? Gandalf's wise stare? Or Sam's cheerful beckoning? They're all good choices, and they're all sweethearts.
Breed: Chicken
Size: Medium
Petfinder ID:
Pet has been spayed/neutered
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