State: Utah
City: Big Water
Zip code: 84741
Type: Animals

African Grey - Kiwi - Medium - Adult - Female - Bird
Kiwi is a 30-year-old Timneh African grey parrot. That's about middle-aged, because African greys can live up to 70 years. His species originated in the humid forests and bordering savannahs of western Africa. Kiwi came to Best Friends with a large group of parrots who came from a rescue group. The rescuer lost the lease on his land and had to find homes immediately for all 18 parrots in his care. Now, Kiwi and his mate, Higgins, are enjoying life at the sanctuary. They have a cozy life indoors, fresh breezes when they spend time outdoors, lots of other parrots to talk to, good meals, medical care, and plenty of people to entertain them. Kiwi's favorite hobby is tearing up cardboard boxes, so the staff keep him supplied. African greys are among the most intelligent birds in the parrot family, and they can often mimic human speech. But since Kiwi didn't have a lot of attention from people until recently, he only speaks the parrot language of clicks and whistles. Kiwi's mischievous streak comes out when the caregivers ask him, 'Are you a good bird?' They move their fingers up and down as if to tickle him - and he nods his head in acknowledgement, up and down, up and down. But don't let those fingers get too close - he can be a rascal!
Breed: African Grey
Size: Medium
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Pet has been spayed/neutered
Best Friends Animal Society | Kanab, UT | 435-644-
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