State: Utah
City: Big Water
Zip code: 84741
Type: Animals

African Grey - Higgins - Medium - Adult - Female - Bird
Higgins is a timneh African gray parrot, and this innocent-looking girl can cuss like a sailor! Who taught her such a thing? Heaven only knows. But it isn't the only unusual thing about Higgins. Higgins digs in the sand like a dog. She puts her head down and pushes the sand out behind her, just like she's burying a bone. It's unusual for captive-born African grays to do this, but in the wild, that's exactly what they do: dig at river banks, looking for food. Looks like Higgins is in touch with her roots! And fortunately for her, there's plenty of sand at Best Friends for her to dig in. The other delightful thing about Higgins is that she likes to visit a local senior center, brightening up everyone's day. It's not every day that a parrot comes to see them! And she herself is a bit of an older girl, probably around age 40. But her species usually lives longer than 50 years, so she's got plenty of kick (and dig) left in her. Higgins lost her home when her person left the country and couldn't take her along. She went to a rescue group, but soon afterward, the group lost its land lease. So now, thanks to you, she has a safe place here at the sanctuary, but she'd love to have a home to call her own!
Breed: African Grey
Size: Medium
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Pet has been spayed/neutered
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